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Now based in Wiltshire (UK), an idyllic childhood in rural South Africa fostered a love for the natural world and the quiet freedom associated with open spaces and wide horizons. A family return to the relatively crowded confines of southern England in 1978 was something of a shock to the system after the space and freedom I had enjoyed but I continued to spend hours ‘out and about’, although now with my pride and joy - a recently acquired second hand Zenit. Film and developing rapidly consumed my pocket money and early wages until an Engineering career got in the way and put a halt to hours of spare time. On the positive side, education and travel broadened my horizons, helped in turn by one of life’s interesting turns a few years ago which granted me the luxury of choosing to spend less time working for a living and more time simply enjoying living.

I have since moved to a full frame DSLR and although much of my photography is based in my home ground of Wiltshire I also take my camera with me on my travels into Europe. Photographs of my travels rather than travel photography – a small but crucial difference as photography whilst travelling by motorcycle has its challenges! It's always struck me as something of an odd genre anyway as one man's travel is another man's home ...


Photography is, for me, a form of escapism. Whether whiling away time in quiet reflection whilst waiting for the light or concentrating on the minute details of studio macro, they are periods of total immersion and calm serenity. My photography is a quiet, solitary passion that soothes my soul.


The first photograph I ever took, aged around eight or nine, was of a dead tree. Not any old dead tree but one that caught my eye for reasons unknown, and unnecessary, at the time. Its stoic presence was part of my growing up and I distinctly remember carefully framing its jagged limbs in the viewfinder of my first camera, an undreamed of luxury in my world at that time. Although trees still feature strongly in my photography, particularly in winter, the world is a beautiful and fascinating place and a great many more things catch my eye these days. As a result, the subjects of my photography are wide and varied – too much so, some might say. A secretly nurtured love of black and white photography has seen it come to the fore and, in an effort to make some order of my work, this website is dedicated to that aspect. For colour and more general images please visit my INSTAGRAM feed.


I have reached the final stages in a number of international competitions, including a Bronze in the Fine Art Photography Awards, and my photographs have been published in Landscape Photographer of the Year and International Garden Photographer of the Year books, The Sunday Telegraph, QWeekend (The Courier-Mail, Queensland), Black + White Photography, BBC Wildlife Magazine and Digital SLR User as well as featuring in the Landscape Photographer of the Year exhibitions in the National Theatre and Waterloo Gallery in London.

(My photographs have also featured strongly in motorcycle publications and related club magazines – but they don’t ‘count’!)

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